Schools need the proper architecture to support the fundamental need to advance scholarship.

Develop programs that support the teaching staff on advancement in leadership, teaching craft and individual teaching discipline.

Develop a real STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering,Architecture, Mathematics) program that directly connects the student body to potential mission partner collegiate Brick and Mortar schools.

Develop mission partners in the surrounding areas and leverage their tools, facilities, programs, donations, scholarships..etc. (Build a direct pipeline to local Universities to promote innovation, growth, and mentorship to students and staff.

Develop a realistic Apprenticeship program, leveraging the vocational program. Students will be able to earn a H.S Diploma while getting certified in one of the following disciplines: plumbing, refrigeration and air condition, electrician, and mechanical engineering.


Educate our communities on the importance of our local government and the power and affluence that lies in vetting candidates.

Educate our community on how the local government works and how to hold public officials accountable for decisions that are not in the best interest of the people. This in tune will empower our communities to focus on the historic issues that has plagued the lower class and middle class urban community for a time.

We affirm that by creating mentorship programs that directly build, groom, and empower our own leaders to champion efforts on our behalf, will give us the effective change we want to see.


Health education is a critical element to our communities, by promoting mental wellness and fitness education through implementing workshops that are accessible to our communities.

Our goal is to change the narrative of illness that have plagued our communities into promoting healthy nutritional options, consistent physical activity and sound mental health.


Promoting urban, minority, and local business is an vital element to raising the economic floor in every urban community. We believe that understanding and promoting capitalism in our community will promote the independence we need to thrive in society.

The goal is to empower our communities to control the wealth in our community through ownership and intellectual business prowess. In any city the local business owners, land owner, and realtors have a seat at the table because of the impact they have through business. To have a seat at the table would mean the shaping of your own community.

Lastly these Business Owners are partners in your community’s development (Schools, Parks, Stadiums…etc). Lets make sure we make our business relationships mutual in our communities.


UEP firmly believes that real estate is a phased approached to changing the culture of renting to a culture of owners. Historically our communities are referred to as Ghetto’s, Hoods and Slums. Typically these communities are owned by investors and business owners whom do not live in these communities, so therefore tend to not invest in the communities interest.

We the UEP affirm that we will do everything within our resources to bridge the gap to turn our people to a community of owners that will invest into our community’s interest.


Understanding how currency works is the foundation principal to achieving financial empowerment. Historically urban communities are not exposed to intentional information on financial literacy and responsibility. It is UEP’s mission to bridge that gap by facilitating avenues for financial experts and banking organizations to be mission partners in our communities.


UEP encourages all people to be a humanitarian. We believe outreach and service to the community through our work will improve situations.

We believe by investing into the Human Capitol of our society will promote faith in humanity through providing the support needed in natural disasters.