Urban Education Project (UEP) is a proud advocate for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Architecture & Mathematics) in not only urban and rural, but national communities all over the United States. There is a deficit in the skilled workforce needed to meet the Industry’s technology needs. This is why UEP is partnering with industry leaders and other non-profits that want to advocate for more aggressive apprenticeship programs. The bottom line is building a pipeline to direct hire in some of the top jobs in the Information Technology space to include CYBER Security.

Innovation in technology has been the driving forces in this industry are: Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Cities & Communities, CYBER security, and technology innovation in the agricultural industry . In knowing this, we recognize the need to create a win-win situation by match industry needs to the skills gap of the people in these communities that need to bridge the skills gap. In turn, apprenticeships will will bridge 21st century skills gaps, raise the economic floor in urban and rural communities, and match industry with the volume of talent needed to meet its needs.