What is a mission partner?

A mission partner is an entity or group whom have interests in your community. They are the groups investing into your teachers, schools, community gardens, parks…etc. Whether it be businesses, religious groups or any other construct that has stake in our community’s interests. There has to be a relationship that is forged in respect and understanding the dynamics of what it takes to make our communities thrive. Far too often we allow businesses, Places of worship, and investors in with no obligation to the community’s interest. These are deemed collection points. Collection points are any organization or construct that takes monies from a community, but does not contribute to the wellness & morale, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in the community that patrons it. They take the wealth from your community and invest it somewhere else. We have to make our money work for us. We have to be engaged in our local government to be the gatekeepers of the construct and blue print of the roles these fore mentioned groups will play in our self sustaining economy. We have the human Capitol necessary to effectively make positive change we want to see.

Who are the mission partners in your communities.

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